Verdin Building

Verdin High School

I have great pleasure in introducing you to Verdin High School, a school where "every child does matter". We are very proud of our tradition for excellent standards both across the curriculum and our pastoral care system. The work that we do at Verdin High School is nationally recognised by the Specialist Schools Trust as we are the 'Learning to Learn' Hub school for the North West region. This in essence means that every secondary school in the North West looks to Verdin High School for a lead in teaching and learning excellence. We also have a number of in school consultants who work across the North West region to develop teaching and learning strategies in other schools.

As a school we understand that not every student comes to school in the right frame of mind for learning due to external circumstances. We work very hard with every child to ensure that they are able to achieve in a safe and secure environment that prides itself on its methods.

Verdin High School is a progressive school that is able to continually innovate in education. These innovations are recognised across the country in relation to our innovative curriculum and pastoral support

In conclusion I feel sure that you will be impressed with the dedication to student advancement at Verdin High School. If you would like any further information about any of the sections within this prospectus then please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are an open school that believes in achievement through a safe, caring and progressive educational  environment.

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